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Kamen Rider Black / Suria Perkasa Hitam

Kamen Rider Black started out in Japan in 1987 with a total of 51 Episodes.
It was named Suria Perkasa Hitam while airing in Malaysia in 1991
The title also changed to Ksatria Baja Hitam in Malaysia's channel

Kamen Rider Black was created by the late Ishinomori Shoutarou.

The Story of Masked Rider Black

Every 50,000 years, the life of a Century King who ruled the entire universe will come to an end. Before that happens, a new Century King must be decided upon. The job to do so lies in the hands of Gorgom, a dark and evil organization.

19 years ago, on a day of a solar eclipse, Minami Kotaro and Akizuki Nobuhiko were born. 3 years later after the solar eclipse, Kotaro's parents were murdered by Gorgom.

The Akizuki family took Kotaro in and treated him like their own family member. Kotaro and Nobuhiko grew up together like brothers.

On their 19th birthday, Gorgom made an appearance once again and abducted Minami Kotaro and Akizuki Nobuhiko. Both of them were brought to Gorgom's Secret Lair. Little did they know that they were going to be transformed into Cyborgs for Gorgom to choose a new Century King between the 2 of them.

In order to do so, Gorgom had to operate on both Kotaro and Nobuhiko to erase their memories. The present Century King gave Gorgom 2 Holy Kingstones. Both Kingstones were to be operated into Kotaro and Nobuhiko to fully changed them into Cyborgs.

Professor Akizuki, Nobuhiko's father, who also happened to be one of Gorgom's scientists, arrived at Gorgom's lair. He did not want Gorgom to erase away his children's memories of him. The operations still continued. Professor Akizuki interfered in the operations, giving the perfect opportunity for both Kotaro and Nobuhiko to escape. Kotaro managed to escape but not Nobuhiko, who suffered some injuries during the interference during the operations.

Kotaro had to escape, leaving his foster father and Nobuhiko behind. A Holy Kingstone had already been fitted into Kotaro's body.

The entire story was about the evil Gorgom trying to get back the Kingstone from Minami Kotaro. However, Kotaro soon realised that the Kingstone in his body had special & unique powers.

Using the name of Kamen Rider Black, Kotaro made full use of the Kingstone's powers to transform himself into a Masked Cyborg. With that power, he battled Gorgom and its Monsters and hoped that one day, he could rescue his brother, Nobuhiko.

Masked Rider Black Killer Moves
Kamen Rider Black had 3 killer moves to destroy any of Gorgom's Monsters.
They are his Rider Chop, Rider Punch and Rider Kick.

Masked Rider Black Secret Abilities
Complex Eyes : His eyes will glow red and the function is to see Monster's movements
in the dark & to see clearly the fast movemonts of several Monsters.

Super Ears : The triangular structures on both sides of his head will glow purple
and the function is to hear voices & sounds from far away.

Rider Sensors : Kamen Rider Black's antennas will move to detect Monsters
which are moving too fast to be seen.

Power Stripes : By shouting out loud 'Power Stripes', his Yellow-Red-Yellow bands on his
neck, ankles & wrists will glow to repel any Monster's sticky fluids or goo on his body.

Kingstone Flash : Kamen Rider Black can also fire a burst of energy
from his belt by shouting out "Kingstone Flash !"

Like most earlier Masked Riders, Masked Rider Black also based on Grasshoppers.
Kamen Rider Black was the first didn't wearing scarf like the first 10 senior Kamen Riders.

Masked Rider Black Enemies : Gorgom

Originally, Gorgom consisted of 3 High Priests (Daraomu, Baraomu and Bishumu)
They were ordered by the Century King to retrieve the Kingstone from Minami Kotaro.

Due to the fact that they could not do it fully by themselves, they breed Monsters
to battle with Kamen Rider Black.

Gorgom's Warrior - Birugenia

Birugenia, Gorgom's warrior, made his first appearance in Episode 18. This was because the
Century King was furious with Gorgom for continuously failing to retrieve the Kingstone from
Kamen Rider Black. The Century King stated that Gorgom would be needing the strength of
Birugenia to defeat Kamen Rider Black.

The Century King true form

Feeling quite neglected, Birugenia managed to get hold of the Satan Sword,
a sword that was meant to be used by the next Century King.

Gorgom's Priests refered to Kotaro as Black Sun,
before Kotaro officially declared himself as Kamen Rider Black.

Unlike all of the evil organizations that appeared in the first 10 Kamen Rider series,
Gorgom had no soldiers to battle with Kamen Rider Black.

Gorgom's Monsters were based on Animals, Insects and Plants.

Masked Rider Shadow Moon

Despite so many battles, Kamen Rider Black did not even come close to rescuing Nobuhiko.
This gave ample time for Nobuhiko to fully transformed into the Cyborg called Shadow Moon.

Masked Rider Shadow Moon finally awake from his deep sleep in Episode 35.
Shadow Moon was called 'Bayang Hitam' in Ksatria Baja Hitam.

That was also the time when Shadow Moon finally took the Satan Sword away from Birugenia. With that sword, Shadow Moon killed Birugenia.

The 3 Gorgom Priests finally shed their clothes off & turned into Great Monsters
at the awakening of Kamen Rider Shadow Moon.

The 3 Great Monsters looked upon Shadow Moon as their next Century King.

Unlike Kamen Rider Black, Shadow Moon had only 2 killer moves.
They are his Shadow Punch and Shadow Kick.

He also had the ability called Shadow Flash and with it,
he could take control of Kamen Rider Black's Battle Hopper.

Masked Rider Black Motorcycles

Kamen Rider Black had 2 motorcycles

Masked Rider Black 1st Bike - Battle Hopper
It's called Belalang Tempur in Ksatria Baja Hitam

The first trusty motorcycle was Battle Hopper. It'll support Kamen Rider Black when called.
It originated from Gorgom and was supposed to be used by the next Century King.

Apart from being a machine, Battle Hopper was also a living organism.
It had the ability to regenerate and repaired itself when severely damaged.
It talked for the 1st time in the last episode after destroyed by Shadow Moon

Masked Rider Black 2nd Bike - Road Sector
It's called Wira Perkasa in Ksatria Baja Hitam

Kamen Rider Black's second motorcycle was called Road Sector. Like Battle Hopper itself,
Road Sector was supposed to be used by Gorgom. However, it was hidden by the World's
Top Racer, Daimon Akira, somewhere in the woods. Minami Kotaro found the Road Sector
and Daimon Akira was not reluctant to surrender it to Kotaro.

Daimon Akira got to know that Minami Kotaro was Kamen Rider Black.
He hoped that with Road Sector, Kamen Rider Black could defeat Gorgom.

Road Sector would also helping Kamen Rider Black when called.

Road Sector had a built-in shield for Kamen Rider Black to use when he wanted to ram
a Monster. It was called the Attack Shield and with it, Road Sector could activate
an ability called the Sparkling Attack.

Road Sector also had a built-in computer. With it, Kamen Rider Black could play a video
on the motorcycle or even receive an SOS message.

Road Sector also had the ability called Road Sector Spray. A strong force of smoke
shot out from its exhaust pipe to create a distraction for any Monsters.

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